In this section you will find a wealth of online resources.

Read Swedenborg

For those seeking a more precise understanding of Swedenborg's books or the inner meaning of the Lord's Word, Swedenborgian resources make it easy to find specific passages and learn correspondences.


Visit our online store to browse a variety of materials based on New Church thought and the writings of Swedenborg.

Bible study

Here you will find helpful research tools for anyone wanting to better understand the Bible.

Sunday School resources

We offer a variety of materials to assist with New Church education in all its forms, including Sunday School and religion in the home. Use this section to browse through select educational materials.

New Church Groups

The New Church continually offers spiritual growth programs. The programs are available for online participation.

Support for marriage

Marriage is important to us. We are here to offer marriage support to people both before and during the process of building a marriage.

Sermons, talks and classes

Find and listen to or read sermons, talks, and doctrinal classes recorded in various New Church locations.

Other resources

Other online resources of interest, for searching the Bible, preparing religious instruction for children, finding music to accompany a New Church worship service, etc.


New Church publications represent the different aspects of church life and seek to provide enriching material for those wanting to deepen their faith, share New Church teachings with others, or learn about the organization's initiatives.


Here you will find blogs and opportunities to discuss topics of spiritual interest.


Read New Church organizational policies to govern its activities (eg, privacy policy, sexual abuse prevention, equal employment opportunity).

Daily Inspiration

"It is the unceasing effort of the Lord's divine providence to unite us to himself and himself to us in order to give us the joys of eternal life."

Divine Providence 123