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Download this issue as a PDF

What would God say? I recently entered the world of the social networking site, Facebook. One component of this site is people answering the question “What are you doing right now?” Many thoughtful, silly, ordinary, and sometimes even profound statements are entered by Facebook users. Recent entries for myself have included “tired” “contemplating life” “getting ready to go to the zoo”. I mention this because of a question I’ve been pondering lately: What would God’s Facebook status be? From my concept of God, these are some possibilities that came to mind:
God is….
“...loving you anyway.”
“...waiting for you to reply.”
“...being patient while you try again.”
“...spreading love.”
“...leading with subtlety.”

In the Writings for the New Church, the phrase “God is…” is completed many times, for example:
God is…
“” True Christianity 851
“...good and truth itself.” Divine Providence 157
“ itself and wisdom itself.” Divine Love and Wisdom 361
“...constantly striving to regenerate and so save people. True Christianity 73

In this issue we take time to explore the nature of God (Is God Angry? p. 12) and
what it means to connect with Him (7 Ways to Connect with God p. 15). In a world
filled with distractions competing for our time, I encourage you to slow down,
breathe, pause, and consider your relationship with God and the steps you can take
to strengthen your connection today.
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Daily Inspiration

"Loving our neighbor as ourselves is simply not dealing dishonestly or unfairly with people, not harboring hatred or burning with revenge against them, not speaking ill of them or slandering them, not committing adultery with their spouses, and not doing anything of that nature to them."

Divine Providence 94