Questions about angels? (seeking answers)

QWhere Do Angels Come From?

aPeople become angels through the life that they live while in the natural world. When people live their lives from a love for other people, their spirit is prepared for heaven. So when their natural body dies their spirit lives on in a place that is best suited to their loves, heaven! Another meaning for an angel is a “messenger” for the Lord. So if we do the work of the Lord while living in this world we too can be angels here and now.

QIs Heaven a State of Being or a Place?

aIn some ways, both are correct. Here on earth we are in a primarily natural state of being and we are geographically in some place. In heaven we will be in a spiritual state of being and in a spiritual place. Think about your best friend in the world; it could be your husband or wife or brother or sister. Do they not hold a “place” in your heart and in your thoughts? Heaven is a place, but it is not a physical place, it’s a spiritual place, with spiritual stuff and spiritual people. But try not to think of heaven as less real because it is not physical; think of it as being more real because it is not bound by physical time and space.

QDo Guardian Angels Exist?

aGuardian angels do exist and they have a very important role in our lives. Guardian angels are assigned to children to help protect them from evil spirits. But as children grow up and become adults, the guardians aren't as close so that the person can have a life that is more his or her own. Think of guardian angels as an extra set of parents. They help us learn how to live and protect us from danger, but at some point we have to move out of our parents’ house and form a life of our own, to make our own decisions and mistakes.

QIf guardian angels exist, why do they still let bad things happen to us?

aThis has to do with the importance of our freedom. If guardian angels, or even the Lord, were to step in and stop every bad thing from happening it would take away our freedom. We can also ask the question, what is the most important thing that the Lord protects in us? He constantly looks to what is infinite and eternal in us. Our bodies are not infinite or eternal, but our soul is! Our soul is constantly protected from other people’s wrong doing.

QSo what do angels do all day?

aWhat do you do all day that makes other people feel joy? There are so many different things that angels do, and every angel is different so they do different things. I like to think that life in heaven is similar to life in this world, but a lot better. In heaven everyone loves the work that they do, and they are always trying to make each other happy with the skills the Lord gives to them. In addition to work, they do relax and have social gatherings and play games etc.

Alan Cowley is a student at the Academy of the New Church Theological School.

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"The Lord's kingdom consists of mutual love, which is the only thing that affords peace."

Secrets of Heaven 1038:2