Living Courageously

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Download this issue as a PDF

If only caterpillars could talk. I’ve heard it postulated (for who could know for sure) that the caterpillar really freaked out during the cocoon stage thinking, “This must be the end!”, when in fact he was becoming a butterfly. Does this happen in my life? More often than I’d like to admit. Turns out God has bigger plans for my life (and the caterpillar’s). That is why I believe He calls each one of us to Live Courageously. Don’t misunderstand me—I don’t mean ‘Live Recklessly.’ I mean live with compassion, integrity, strength, humility and trust that God has a plan and He is working to unfold it through you. In this issue we explore this theme as it pertains to our spiritual life. On p. 4 Rev. Sylvain Agnes addresses several issues, including the fact that living courageously is sometimes a lonely path.  Deb Alrutz shares about her experience about leaving her comfort zone by trying out a new school for her daughter and a new church for her family, and feeling grateful for that decision (p.6-9). It would be nice if living courageously
was something I could check off my to-do list, however the mixed blessing is that we must choose each day to live courageously and follow the Lord. Rev. Martie Johnson explores the dynamic nature of our spiritual journeys (p.10). The inspiration for this issue is a new program of the same title, which provides a path to energize your spirituality and help build community and accountability along the way. Check out a preview of the Living Courageously New Church Journey program on pps. 14-19. Be bold. Look within. Take the step. Make the call. Accept the unknown. And find support along the way.

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"Life constitutes the Church, not doctrine except in the measure that it becomes applicable to life."

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