Salvation: an active process

I love the idea that God is working for our salvation without our knowing it is happening (or how He does it). I am comforted to think that if He knows the number of hairs on my head, surely He knows the struggles in my heart and will lead me through them.

The Bible teaches that it is our faith together with a life according to our faith that saves. For me, it would be easier if it was one or the other. Faith alone sounds do-able. I can focus on believing. My actions alone? Okay I’ll try to do the right thing. But together? Hmph. That is more of a conundrum. It requires me to let go; to believe and to act as if I can make a positive impact; to walk a new way with confidence in the Lord and the humility to act in the best way I know how.

My prayer for you is that in this issue you find some practical ideas to support you in following the Lord and walking in His path. I hope that you are uplifted knowing He knows the way and leads you on it.

Managing Editor
& Creative Director

Daily Inspiration

"If someone possesses humility they are able to accept good from the Lord, since in that case they have been parted from self-love and the evils which stand in the way of accepting it."

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