New Christianity

A religion based on rationality and application to life

God came to earth as Jesus Christ

Christianity was established in response to the Savior's Coming. At the time of Jesus' birth, hell had gained such power over earth that the prevailing mindset was one of evil. Humanity was in great danger. Through His life and death on earth, Jesus restored the freedom to choose between good and evil, thus saving the human race. The church grew but, with time, it began to fall away from what it was originally intended to be. Once again, the people of earth were prey to spiritual darkness.

To bring the light to the world, God came again

However, this time He did not appear in human form. He came as a new body of revelation given to us through the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, an eighteenth century scientist and theologian. Like all other Christian religions, New Church beliefs are most certainly founded in the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments. All doctrine comes from the Bible; Swedenborg provided new insights into its meaning.A New Christianity was established in response to these truths, helping to spread God's teachings to people on earth. The New Church is one of many organizations dedicated to Swedenborg Theology.

New Christianity provides an unprecedented depth of understanding about God, the inner meanings of the Bible, and life after death. This is because Swedenborg's Writings explain in great detail those things which had previously gone unexplained or been misunderstood. The New Church is a spiritual framework to live by, containing truths applicable to everyday life. Here is a summary of some key beliefs:

  • God is Love and nothing but what is good can come from Him. He came to earth in the form of Jesus Christ. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three aspects of the One God.
  • The Old and New Testaments have a deeper meaning that is revealed in the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. These teachings help people to live happy and useful lives to eternity.
  • All religions have goodness in them. There are many paths to heaven.
  • Heaven is for everyone who wants to live there. While people have the freedom to choose a life in hell, God's greatest wish is that we join the heavenly body of angels.
  • God does not judge us. We judge ourselves by what we love and how we live. Salvation is granted to all people who love God and try to live a good life according to what they believe is right.
  • Marriage can last forever. Those who share married love which is rooted in deep friendship and a mutual looking towards God, continue being partners after death, growing ever closer in their union.
  • God's Providence is all powerful and unending. He guides each person's spiritual path, allowing the potential for good to come from even the worst calamities. He is with us in every moment of every moment.

Strong emphasis on an individual's freedom

Members of the New Church follow the teachings of Swedenborg, not because of Swedenborg's claim to have been divinely inspired, but because the teachings themselves make sense. It is a religion based on common sense and application to life. We invite you to explore New Church theology in our quest to draw closer to God, growing into more spiritually-evolved human beings.

"Heaven is where the Lord is recognized, trusted and loved." (Heaven and Hell 56)

"But my friend, shun evil and do good and believe in the Lord from all your heart and in all your soul, and the Lord will love you, and will give you a love of doing and faith to believe. Then from love you will do good, and from faith, which is trust, you will believe; and if you persevere in so doing, a reciprocal joining [with the Lord] will take place, which will be perpetual, and this is salvation itself and eternal life." (True Christian Religion 484)

Daily Inspiration

"It is a law of the divine design that the closer and closer we come to God, which is something we have to do as if we were completely on our own, the closer and closer God comes to us. When we meet, God forms a partnership with us."

True Christianity 89