Jacob’s ladder

Read the story in Genesis 28: 10-22

What does it mean in my life?

Jacob's dream of a ladder connecting earth and heaven represents the times when we remember with awe that the Lord has never left us, but is constantly blessing us, protecting us, and leading us to a better place. Just as Jacob's dream occurred outside, in the cold at night, with his head on a rock, after running from home, our own realization can happen even in the darkest, hardest places of our lives. In those dark places, opening and reading the Word can be a powerful way to hear the Lord speaking to us.

In addition, just as Jacob dreamed of a stairway connecting earth with heaven, the process of spiritual growth can be compared to moving up a stairway. With each attempt to love others and follow the Lord's commandments, we "rise up from the lowest step, as if by a stairway, to one where the Lord is" (Secrets of Heaven 3882).

Excerpted from Shift spiritual growth program — Week 2

Daily Inspiration

"Divine Providence has as its end in view a person's eternal salvation, thus not their great happiness in the world, not - that is to say - wealthiness and eminence which people during their lifetime think real happiness consists in."

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