Is Jesus the same as God?

Learn how to think about Jesus as a divine aspect of the one indivisible God.

"'The Father' means the divine nature as an origin, 'the Son' means the divine-human nature that came from that origin, and 'the Holy Spirit' means the divine influence that radiates out. These are three aspects of one God. Another way of putting it is that the Father's divinity means something like the soul in us, the divine-human manifestation means something like our body, which comes from our soul, and the Holy Spirit means something like our actions, which come from both our body and our soul. Then we see three essences that belong to one and the same person. Together they form one indivisible essence."
(Emanuel Swedenborg, True Christianity 172)

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Daily Inspiration

"The Lord's presence with us first becomes possible when we love our neighbor."

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