Daring to imagineJune 28 - July 12, 2020

Join us in this 3 part series, a discovery of how imagination, one of God's most beautiful gifts and part of the very nature of humanity, helps us dream of the future right here in the present.

Part 1: Learning to dream

The journey of life is a path of continuous creation, regeneration that we can see in the processes of the natural world and within each of us. We effect that regeneration with our dreams, as hope fuels expressions of love and compassion for others.

Part 2: A vision worthy of our lives

God draws us into a vision worthy of our lives. It is a vision that relentlessly includes "all nations." We can see this manifested in ecosystems - natural and spiritual - that thrive on variety and evenness, and find a way to live there.

Part 3: A life of gentle answers

We can readily become paralyzed by the enormity of the tasks in front of us, both personally and as a collective society. If we focus on the enormity, it is hard to move. But God leads us toward gentle answers. With gentleness comes generosity that sustains us in challenging times.

Daily Inspiration

"The Lord's kingdom on earth consists of all who are intent on goodness. Even if they are scattered over the whole globe, they are still one and, like a person's limbs, make up a single body."

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