Start a Small Group

Small groups provide a great opportunity to work on your spiritual life and to get support from others in the process.

A small group setting is where 5 to 15 people commit to meet with each other for an agreed number of weeks or times. It serves the purpose of allowing participants to share their ideas and life experiences in a safe environment with a commitment to confidentiality. Many people express that they make more productive spiritual progress in a group setting than they do handling everything on their own. It is experienced as an opportunity to become accountable to group members for the changes they wish to make in their own lives.

Forming a Small Group

You'll probably have your own ideas on how to gather people nearby to join you for a small discussion group. There are many ways to approach this. Some groups develop around a topic of mutual interest. Some form around an activity or service opportunity. Some have a common characteristic, such as a gathering of women, men, singles, parents, or married couples. Groups can form to study and discuss a spiritual book.

Content for a Small Group

The content of your small group discussion can be quite varied. We offer many resources and outlines or examples to use for content of small group discussions. The best known content is provided by our New Church "Journey" Spiritual Growth Programs.

Yet another source of content for small groups comes from past issues of our New Church Connection Magazine. These issues offered outlines for small group content, each lasting 6-8 weeks.

Possible Format for Your Weekly Group Meetings

  • Start with an opening prayer.
  • Go around the group and have each person speak briefly about how he or she is doing.
  • Go around and let each person share how the task/focus went that week.
  • Discuss the weeks reading with the discussion questions provided to get conversation going.
  • Allow each person to offer a brief closing thought.
  • Close with a prayer.

Daily Inspiration

"Perception is nothing else than the speech or the thought of the angels who are present with a person."

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