Online services

For those who would like a New Church service and congregation, but who do not have a congregation nearby, we offer our "Internet-based" church and service called NewChurchLIVE!

Rev. Chuck Blair, Senior Pastor of NewChurchLIVE.

Rev. Chuck Blair, Senior Pastor of NewChurchLIVE.

NewChurchLIVE presents a series of sermons and services on relevant topics, with New Church insights on the topic. We offer a brand-new video service each week.

Based on the progressive Christian theology of the New Church, NewChurchLIVE focuses on looking to God for help in crafting a purposeful life of service. We want worship to be a welcoming environment that leaves you feeling inspired, inspired to take the Christian New Church message into your mind, your heart and then out into your life. Joining together on-line or in person in a spirit of engaged worship helps us to focus on what is most important in life and take the Sunday worship into Monday.

Worship with us online

We offer a variety of ways to worship online. NewChurchLIVE and a growing group of other congregations provide worship services live streamed over the internet to you.

Or build your own worship service

We have an archive of services that you can choose from, to watch whenever you like. Choose from our archived services.

Watch the sermons by yourself if you like.

Better yet, gather a small group together on Sunday. Add you own songs, read together from the Bible, and make a NewChurchLIVE sermon the centerpiece of your own worship service. There is a new service added here each week.

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Daily Inspiration

"The activity of love and faith is what makes heaven. "

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