New Church Groups

New Church Groups is a program of the New Church devoted to bringing spiritually like-minded people together into community, focused on love, understanding and useful action. We offer resources and workshops designed to support your connection with the divine, while helping you foster meaningful relationships with those already in your life, as well as online and around the world.

We envision a world with vibrant, life-giving communities where people can heal, grow spiritually and feel truly connected.

How to use New Church Groups: 

New Church Groups is an online platform which facilitates small groups, both online and in person. It encourages people who are interested in the New Church to interact, grow, and share together as they navigate their spiritual paths. Here are some things it provides: 

  • Leadership training - want to start a group but feel unequipped? New Church Groups will guide you every step of the way, from choosing your topic to finding members and picking discussion materials. Our leadership training will give you the tools to confidently conduct meetings and facilitate discussion. 
  • Finding your community - if you don't want to start your own group, that's okay! We have so many wonderful groups we can connect you with. To join a group, simply go to our website to create a profile and see what is currently available.  

If you have any questions about finding or creating a spiritual group please don’t hesitate to contact our Assistant Program Manager, Freya Williams, at or (267) 508-2124.

Daily Inspiration

"As long as our trials continue, we think the Lord is absent,... sometimes to the point where despair almost prevents us from believing God exists at all. But the Lord is closer then than we can possibly believe."

Secrets of Heaven 840