Online Christmas Readings Groups

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New Church groups typically involve an opening prayer, reflection, discussion, and the sharing of thoughts and ideas from participants. No prior experience is required and all are welcome, although typically groups are for adults (18+) unless otherwise specified.

These groups will meet once a week for 4 weeks, at the same day and time each week. Groups usually use Zoom, but your group leader will contact you with specific login information for their group meetings. The topic this year is trust, confidence, and strength in the Lord.

Group Choices

  • Sunday at 9:15 am Mountain time, co-led by Kelly Woofenden and Sybil Smith, online
  • Wednesday at 6:30 pm Mountain time, led by Jean Atta, online from Phoenix
  • Wednesday at 7:00 pm Greenwich mean time, led by Grant Odhner, online from London
  • Wednesday at 8:00 pm Eastern time, led by Nathan Gladish, online from Boston
  • Wednesday at 8:00 pm Eastern time, led by Mark Pendleton, online from Chicago
  • Thursday at 6:30 pm Central time, co-led by Mary Valentine and John Odhner, online
  • Thursday at 7:00 pm Greenwich mean time, led by Erik Buss, online from Colchester

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    Daily Inspiration

    "The life of faith never exists without the life of charity, for without charity the life of faith is impossible."

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