Churches are called to be 'life-saving stations', not a club.

How do we become truly connected?

Dr. Martin Luther King's "beloved community"

What is the beloved community? It is place where we love one another enough to see our way through the tensions inherent in the human condition and find a place of redemption, reconciliation, and creation. It was part of Martin Luther King's dream.

From the service originally presented on January 20th, 2013

A new map of California

Originally, mapmakers drew California as an island, and this was accepted as fact. It was years before a new map of California was drawn.

What does our 'map' look like, of how the world works? God wants us to be willing to put our map aside, to look instead at how HE wants the world to work. To get closer to the world that HE intends. A new 'map' lets us achieve an improved connection with others, and with God.

Daily Inspiration

"Even if a person could know from heaven all the things that the angels know, or know all things that are in the Word and that are in all the doctrines of the church, and even everything that wise people have written and councils decreed, and yet their will be evil, they would after death be seen as one who knows nothing, because they do not desire what they know."

DeVerbo 13