Learning to forgiveFebruary 7 - 28, 2016

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness can have many aspects, and it's easy to get stuck in trying to forgive. But remember that you don't have to accept or excuse a wrongful act in order to forgive. It's about moving on, and putting it behind you.


After forgiveness comes light...

Giving up the idea of revenge

Why is revenge so appealing to us? How do we let it go?

To forgive: "to give up resentment."

Moving from reacting to responding

The way home

Can we (from love) release or renew the relationship? Forgiveness only takes one person; reconciliation takes two.

We’re all angry, no matter how sweet or Buddhist or Christian or tender-hearted we appear. We’re all angry. And we’ve got to deal with it at some point. And dealing with the grief and the anger and the lack of forgiveness is the way home. (Anne Lamott)

Daily Inspiration

"There is no such thing as a race of people anywhere on the entire planet who cannot be saved if they acknowledge God and live good lives. The Lord redeems all such people. We are all born spiritual by nature and therefore we all have a capacity for receiving the gift of redemption."

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