Plan B

How Do We Put First Things First?

It is hard to put first things first. So much competes for our time, our energy, our resources. So how do we do it?

God's kingdom, after all, as the New Church holds it, is a "mutual love in which alone is peace." It is about loving, caring, and doing.

Part 2 is coming soon

Forgiveness as a means towards progress

Guest speaker, film maker Mr. André Robert Lee, speaks to his journey as we honor the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. André was raised in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia and then went on to attend a prestigious Prep School, Germantown Friends. He later captured those experiences in the award winning film, "The Prep School Negro."

Listen to his journey, one that gives hope and inspiration, as he speaks to forgiveness as a means towards progress

On the Edge of Burnout

There is a big difference between doing what we can and trying to do everything. How can we engage in loving, disciplined action AND let go of an obsessed need to control the outcome? The "Tutu Project" gives us some answers.

Moving from "human-doings" to "human-beings"

God has something unique for each of us. He is trying to do something through us, as us. Can you be open to that?

"We are not here to tell God what do do... but to absolutely be available to what God is doing, to open ourselves up... to "catch" what is already happening." (Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith)

Living in the flow

In this sermon, we draw to a close our "Plan B" series. What do we find at this time? We find it all coming together as we ...

  • Give up BLAME, find EMPOWERMENT
  • Give up CONTROL, find SURRENDER
  • Give up AGENDA, find GRACE
  • Give up SELF, find GOD

So, watch to find what that might just look like for you.

Daily Inspiration

"Unless we DO what we intend, there is a lack of real intention inside that eventually becomes unwillingness."

Divine Providence 151.1