The Christmas story: what does it mean?

Every detail of the story of the Lord's advent is true, and every word has meaning. The events represented the purpose of His coming and the fulfillment of the ancient prophesies. The story still has power today. The Lord's birth can take place in every person, and His work of salvation goes on continually.

Gold meant the heavenly goodness; frankincense, the spiritual goodness; and myrrh, the earthly goodness that together form the source of all worship.
True Christianity 205

The star which went before them [the wise men] meant knowledge coming from heaven, since stars in the Word mean pieces of knowledge.
De Verbo 7

The inn where there was no room [meant] there was no spiritual nourishment at that time, because everything of the Word, and so everything of worship with them, had by then been adulterated and perverted.
De Verbo 7

A ‘virgin’ in the Word means those who are in the Lord’s kingdom.
Secrets of Heaven 3081

The manger where the shepherds found the infant Lord symbolized spiritual nourishment.
De Verbo 7

Swaddling clothes signify first truths, which are truths of innocence, and which are also truths of the Divine love.
Apocalypse Explained 706

“To shepherd” means, symbolically, to teach and instruct.
Apocalypse Revealed 544

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"The life of faith never exists without the life of charity, for without charity the life of faith is impossible."

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